What is Factory Farming?


Factory Farming refers to the practice of industrialized meat production - raising livestock in extremely cramped, unhealthy, and inhumane conditions, as a means of maximizing profit. The crowded living conditions result in high incidences of illness among the animals. To reduce the spread of diseases, the animals are fed antibiotics, and to fatten them up faster, they are given hormones.


Industrialized meat production takes a toll on human health and on our environment. This practice puts a huge strain on our natural resources, due to the volume of waste produced by the animals, which pollutes our land and water, in addition to the resources used in the process of meat production. The widespread use of antibiotics is contributing to the creation of drug-resistant bacteria, but even with the use of antibiotics, we continue to hear more and more stories about outbreaks of E.Coli and other bacteria in our food supply.

Factory Farm Map

View a map of factory farms in the United States at http://www.factoryfarmmap.org/.