About the Mad Cow Motorcycle

cow skull The Mad Cow Motorcycle Project centers around a biodiesel/waste veggie oil-powered custom motorcycle, covered with real cow bones resembling a running cow skeleton. The motorcycle is built to run on one of the most environmentally friendly fuels, waste vegetable oil from restaurants.

I have ridden this “Mad Cow” around Miami, answering questions about the bike and talking about the environmental impact of factory farming and our food choices. Through humor and spectacle, Mad Cow sparks discussion on these issues. This summer, I am taking the Mad Cow on the road to spread the word about factory farming and encourage people across the country to eat less meat.


I believe that real change occurs at the individual, family and community levels, and begins with an encounter or rendezvous with something unknown but not unknowable. I hope children will forever have the image of the Mad Cow running by in their minds and that they will be inspired to change their eating habits and get the idea that art can change the way we see and know the world.


  • - Engine: 18.5 hp Kubota diesel engine
  • - Dimensions: 10'L x 3'W x 3'H
  • - Converted to run on diesel and waste veggie oil

Thank you...


The Mad Cow has received generous support from the West Prize and from the University of Miami.

Special thanks to Sam Coleman for all his help in the build.